Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Marketing Measurement Book Includes Free Online Forms

I'm not usually quite so self-promotional but suppose it's reasonable to announce final publication of my long-promised book The Marketing Measurement Toolkit. It's a step-by-step tutorial on the process of building a marketing measurement system, from initial project definition through deployment. The idea was to move beyond the theories (important as they are) to help people with the practical details. You can order from the publisher at www.racombooks.com.

My favorite feature of the book (especially since they didn't put my picture on the cover) is a collection of forms and scorecards that help people to organize their project and assess risk factors. I've put these online here where anyone can download them. Obviously they make more sense in the context of the book, but even without that I think they'll provide useful checklists at different project stages.

Here, for example, is an extract from the Analytics Readiness Scorecard in chapter 8. The extract covers only Response Measurement, while the full scorecard includes similar sections on Segmentation Models, Predictive Models, Marketing Mix Models, Simulation Models and Optimization Models. The idea is to figure out which types of analytics your company can build with its current resources, or, looking at it slightly differently, which resources it must add to do the analytics you want. Users enter a 1-5 score for the existing and needed columns, and the system then calculates a gap. This isn't intended to provide much more than conventional wisdom, but a big, well-organized pile of conventional wisdom can be very useful.

Analytics Readiness Scorecard
Response Measurement existing needed gap comment
source captured directly

contact history available

response survey available

pre/post analysis possible

test/control possible

multi-variate test possible

total 0 0 0

So, by all means, check out the forms and, if you're so inclined, purchase the book. Any comments are more than welcome.